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Annual Explosion --- Zoomlion 70-meter Long Rrm Rack Pump Truck

In recent years, Zoomlion has always been committed to upgrading to “intelligent, digital, and green” to create boutiques, creating high quality with technological innovation, and launched a new “Lingyun II” series 70 -meter pump truck in 2023.

Birth History of Concrete Pump Truck

In 1900, the first patent on tower cranes for construction was issued. In 1923, prototypes of modern tower cranes were made. In 1930, Germany began mass production of tower cranes and used them for construction. Schwing was founded in 1934 as the earliest concrete equipment manufacturer and the originator of trailer pumps, truck-mounted pumps and pump trucks. In 1957, the world’s first split concrete pump was manufactured by Schwing and started to be put on the market. In 1965, Schwing Company once again introduced an on-board pump with trans-epochal significance, using a tall Mercedes-Benz as the chassis.

China Made the World's Longest Boom Pump Truck

With the longest boom pump truck in the world settled in China, this pumping device has a length of 101 meters, which means that this concrete pump truck can independently complete about 95% of the concrete pumping tasks in China's buildings. The use of this type of pump truck means that construction workers do not need to overturn and change the way the concrete is poured. Therefore, if the pump truck is applied to the construction of a building, it will only take three days to cooperate with the famous residential building machine in China. Just complete the construction of one floor.

Concrete Pump Truck Development History

In 1998, China's first self-made boom pump truck was born in Sany. In 2003, the 56-meter pump truck with the longest boom in Asia was successfully launched. In 2007, the Sany 66-meter pump truck created the longest boom pump truck. Nice world record. In 2008, the Sany 72m pump truck set the world record for the longest boom pump truck again. In 2011, the 86m pump truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Industries rolled off the production line, and the world's longest boom pump truck was refreshed for the third time world record.
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